Wednesday, July 13

bye bisou

Few things that I've been into this past week:
1. The Spirit of the Beehive - One of the most mesmerizing films I've watched this year. It captures the eerie and magic of youth.
2. The Vegetarian - A book by Han Kang and this year's winner of the Man Booker International Prize. A story that exemplifies the ideas of human suffering and the unsettling aftermath of Korea's patriarchal system in the most disturbing way.
3. Our Little Sister - A movie that uplifts human kindness and forgiveness.
4. A photo from travel a few summers ago that made me think .. I've had this blog since October of 2009? A trip to France inspired me to start something new and personal. It's been nearly 7 years since then and now something is pulling me to start something new. So I say adieu.
Bye bisou <3 Thanks for coveting my thoughts & memories for the past years. 

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