Wednesday, July 13

bye bisou

Few things that I've been into this past week:
1. The Spirit of the Beehive - One of the most mesmerizing films I've watched this year. It captures the eerie and magic of youth.
2. The Vegetarian - A book by Han Kang and this year's winner of the Man Booker International Prize. A story that exemplifies the ideas of human suffering and the unsettling aftermath of Korea's patriarchal system in the most disturbing way.
3. Our Little Sister - A movie that uplifts human kindness and forgiveness.
4. A photo from travel a few summers ago that made me think .. I've had this blog since October of 2009? A trip to France inspired me to start something new and personal. It's been nearly 7 years since then and now something is pulling me to start something new. So I say adieu.
Bye bisou <3 Thanks for coveting my thoughts & memories for the past years. 

Tuesday, July 12

Los Angeles Week 1

 Los Angeles Mona Lisa.

The city from the start of the hike.

Communication grids.

Rocks on rocks on rocks.

Notebooks filled with confessions, motivations, appreciation. 
After an arduous, physically testing hike in 90 degree heat, all that's left is gratitude.

It's July 12, 2016. 
The weather is breezy in California. 
The sun sets leaving a pink residue in the skies.
The pace, slow, steady. 

Thursday, July 7

Hung out with a lovely couple, Christy & Paul, as they shot a promo for Paul's drum pad company. 
It feels nice to do something 'creative' that's not from school. Wish to do more of these. 

Sunday, July 3

The Heartbreak Factory. </3
One of the best times I've had this year.
First day: Bulb Store, subway & Fort Washington. 
Arduous physical process of lugging all the equipment but all the more thankful for it <3
Lovelies - Charlie, Sara & Di <3
Ollie's Room vs. Ava's Room
Factory Tools & Rules to mend a broken heart </3

The saying you're only as good as your crew rings true for me during this experience. 
Thank you, thank you <3
& excited for the finished film !

Saturday, July 2

Replenishing back in California & reliving the last days of New York City. 

Korean club teaching NY residents about Korean culture. 

Bulbs, bulbs, more bulbs !

Dianne, so thoughtful & original <3.

KBBQ - first time in years !


Helped on Minjae's production before heading into mine:

Alistar - Sound men aren't crazy, they're sound. 

Dir & Actor.

Prod. designer.

Sound vs. Actor

Lighting water.

Thankful for the past few weeks.

Thursday, June 16

June: people, places & things

I've been living in New York for a year now and though it's had it's major ups & downs, I wonder if it's time to call this place my home. I've passed the distant romanticization of the city and have fallen into the deep trenches of seasonal abuse, but now I've reached a complacency with New York--one that understand that with the undulations of emotions, I will grow into the mold I have envisioned for myself. Through the past few days, I had the chance to explore parts of NY and see all the strange beauties that lie past the grimy nooks.